Private Policy

1. Definitions
Unless otherwise defined in the Terms of Use of this website or the context otherwise requires, the following terms in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings ascribed thereto as follows:
(a) "Personal Data" means personal data as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong); and
(b) "SDGHK" means Shandong Gold Financial Holdings Group (HongKong) Co., Limited, SDG Securities (HK) Limited and SDG Asset Management (HK) Limited, together with their subsidiaries and associated companies.
2. Purpose of Collection/Uses
2.1. SDGHK will not collect any Personal Data that individually identifies a visitor to any SDGHK website unless it has been submitted by users themselves.
2.2. SDGHK will endeavor to keep Personal Data held by SDGHK confidential.  Nevertheless, in submitting Personal Data you agree that any such data may be used for the following purposes:
(a) improving, enhancing, designing or launching existing or new financial services or related products for client's use;
(b) if the relevant data subject has consented (including an indication of no objection) to the use of the data subject's personal data for direct marketing purposes by members of SDGHK and/or entities outside the SDGHK in the account application form or in other application form or otherwise, marketing financial and related services, products or goods;
(c) meeting any requests or requirements to make disclosure under applicable laws and regulations;
(d) enabling an actual or proposed assignee of SDGHK in connection with merger, amalgamation, reconstruction or otherwise to evaluate the transaction intended to be the subject of the assignment;
(e) any other purpose disclosed in the website or an application form of a member of the SDGHK from time to time;
(f) commencing, defending or otherwise participating in any legal or administrative proceedings or inquiry before any court or competent authority;
(g) seeking or obtaining services to SDGHK in connection with the operation of its business; and
(h) any other lawful purpose directly or indirectly relating or incidental to any of the above.
3. Classes of Potential Transferees
SDGHK may, at its sole discretion, provide Personal Data to the following persons for direct marketing purposes (where consented (including an indication of no objection) by the relevant data subject) or any other purposes permitted by this Privacy Policy:
(a) any agent, contractor or third-party service provider (whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere) who provides services to SDGHK in connection with the operation of its business;
(b) any branch or office of any member of the SDGHK, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere;
(c) any actual or proposed assignee or transferee of any member of SDGHK; and
(d) any person in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements including through or pursuant to any rules, judgment, decision or ruling of the courts, arbitral tribunals, Financial Dispute Resolution Centre Limited, governmental, regulatory or other bodies or institutions, whether as required by the laws and regulatory requirements that are applicable to any member of the Group, or otherwise, or any company issuing a notice under Section 329 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong).
4. Access and Correction of Personal Data
You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by SDGHK.  If you wish to access or correct your personal data held by SDGHK, please send your written request to the Data Privacy Officer, SDGHK, Suite 3703-09, 37/F, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong.  SDGHK may charge a reasonable fee for processing any data access request.
5. Cookies
Regarding your visit, only the pages visited may be recorded unless specified otherwise.  Such information will be used to prepare aggregate information about the number of visitors to, and general statistics on the usage patterns of the relevant website.  Some of this information may be gathered by "cookies".
6. Important
The content of this website may be updated from time to time by SDGHK.  By accessing this website and any of its pages you agree to this Privacy Policy.  If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you must not access or otherwise use this website or any of its contents.  If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this Privacy Policy, the Chinese version shall prevail.
(Last Update: 27 January 2022)